Top 5 freelancing sites where you can get paid in Bitcoin

You can get Bitcoin (BTC) by buying them on peer-to-peer crypto exchanges, buying them on BTC ATMs, or by getting paid in Bitcoin for products and services you offer.

As a freelancer, the best way to get Bitcoin is by earning it through your freelancing services. Bitcoin is quite an expensive cryptocurrency and it would require you to spend a lot to buy it. Earning it through your freelancing services can be the easiest option of being part of Bitcoin holders.


And since the value of Bitcoin keeps on rising, you could eventually sell the Bitcoins that you earn at a profit or use them to purchase more expensive products online.

In this article, we shall list the top 5 freelancing sites that pay in Bitcoin.

1.   Cryptogrind


Cryptogrind is one of the most used Bitcoin paying freelance sites. Freelancers can choose to get paid in either US dollars or Bitcoin.

It uses multi-signature (Multisig) Bitcoin escrow for payment transactions to ensure that freelancers are guaranteed to get payments once they work on projects.

The signup process is extremely easy and you only require to provide your email address, location and set your password to get access. Once you are signed up, you choose the type of account you want to create: a freelancer account or a hiring account.

cryptogrind freelancer dashboard

The above screenshot shows an example of a freelancer’s dashboard. The jobs that show up here match the skills you provided in your freelancer profile. But you can also filter these results by checking the box adjustment to the categories shown on the left-hand side.

The only disadvantage with this site is that the rate at which clients post jobs is slow compared to other sites like Upwork and Fiverr that do not allow BTC payments yet. However, you can get yourself huge projects that are far better paying.

2.   BitGigs


BitGigs is a very simple to use freelancing website that freelance buyers and sellers can get to and pay in Bitcoin for services or earn Bitcoin from selling services respectively.

As a freelancer, you can sell services ranging in a variety of niches including videos, Graphics, fun/bizarre, music/audio, programming, Technology, and advertising.

Registration is quite simple. It only requires your email address, your names, and a user name and it only takes a few minutes.

The most popular job categories that you can get lots of jobs from include writing, programming, advertising, and graphics.

3.   Coinbase Earn

This is a product of the Coinbase crypto exchange.

It is a unique freelancing site that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by learning about blockchain networks and their cryptocurrencies and answering some quizzes.

Earning in coinbase earn

The platform works in a first come first serve. The first people to view watch the videos, complete the quiz stand the best chances of redeeming the coins offered. Therefore, you should be vigilant enough to look for newly uploaded videos that you can watch learn about the blockchain and redeem the coins after answering a quiz. If you are late you may find that all the coins have been redeemed.

4.   CryptoJobs


CryptoJobs site is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to post jobs for freelancers to bid. Freelancers can get jobs ranging from sales, marketing to development.

Some jobs will require you to be in a particular country though most of the jobs that are posted there are remote jobs.

Jobs are posted here every day and there is a chance for a freelancer to get a job daily if vigilant.

5.   Freelanceforcoins


Freelancingforcoins is a freelancing website that allows freelancers to get paid in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum after they complete the jobs assigned to them by clients.

The only disadvantage is that it does not have an escrow service. However, clients pay the freelancers directly and there are no fees; meaning the freelancers get the whole amount paid to him/her by the client.

But it is important to remember that every cryptocurrency transaction requires some amount of fee for the transaction to be marked as complete.


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