Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Kenya

After the closure of LocalBitcoins, many Kenyans are finding it difficult to find a LocalBitcoins alternative where they can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using payment methods like Mpesa and PayPal. In this article, we shall look at the best crypto exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies in Kenya. Buying crypto in Kenya Here are some of... Continue Reading →

Terra Classic (LUNC): best place to buy LUNC coin

While the majority get shivers when they think of anything to do with Terra Network following its recent misgivings after its stablecoin, the TerraUSD, de-pegged and lead to the collapse of the original LUNA coin, the Terra Classic cryptocurrency has started gaining traction as the LUNC coin starts to register gains over 100% in a... Continue Reading →

Stratis (STRAX): where to buy STRAX coin

Following its recent price hike, most of those who come across this cryptocurrency ask themselves what is Stratis STRAX? In this article, we are going to delve deep into what Stratis blockchain is and where you can buy the Stratis (STRAX) coin. In a nutshell, Stratis is a blockchain platform that offers several services and... Continue Reading →

Celsius cryptocurrency, CEL token, explained

Celsius cryptocurrency, commonly referred to as Celsius (CEL), is the native token of the Celsius platform. The Celsius platform is an all-in-one banking and financial services blockchain platform for cryptocurrency users. Celsius is commonly known for its crypto lending services though it offers several other services. Celsius was launched in June 2018 and it offers... Continue Reading →

Folder Protocol (FOL) explained

Folder protocol is a blockchain network designed to work as a Layer 2 solution for decentralized storage networks, which is an incentive layer on top of Filecoin blockchain nodes (IPFS). The IPFS provides storage infrastructure for any data. So, Folder Protocol functions as an intermediary layer to facilitate the exchange of computing power and FOL... Continue Reading →

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