XRP price on a strong bullish trend: Ripple Vs the US SEC

Ripple’s XRP price has been on a strong bullish trend over the last couple of days. At press time, XRP price had gained over 20% in the past 24 hours and 23.51% over the past seven days. The token has gained more than $0.10 over the last 24 hours and it seems to be just... Continue Reading →

Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Kenya

After the closure of LocalBitcoins, many Kenyans are finding it difficult to find a LocalBitcoins alternative where they can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using payment methods like Mpesa and PayPal. In this article, we shall look at the best crypto exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies in Kenya. Buying crypto in Kenya Here are some of... Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley Bank collapse sparks crypto crisis

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse is the swiftest that the financial markets have witnessed to date. The bank collapsed in less than 48 hours after disclosing it was raising funds by selling assets and stocks to remain operational. Silicon Valley Bank has been providing financial services to popular crypto-focused venture capital (VC) firms like Andreessen... Continue Reading →

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