Developer creates tool for auto-blocking Twitter users using NFT profiles pictures

There has been a tug-of-war between crypto enthusiasts who believe in technology and NFTs and those mocking the NFTs. Twitter allows people to display on their profile as hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures just magnified the war.

To that end, a developer named Mcclure on GitHub has come up with a Firefox and Google Chrome plugin tool capable of blocking Twitter users using the hexagon Twitter NFT profile pictures. The tool is intended to allow those who do not approve of the use of NFTs for profile pictures to block any user using the NFT profile picture.

The tool operates in such a way that when the Twitter user is online, he /she can press the ‘’run NFT block’’ button and it will automatically scroll the page blocking anyone with an NFT profile picture.

Mcclure said that the future version of the plugin will be able to scan user notifications and automatically block the process.

The origin

The tool was developed from a plugin known as Twitter BlockChain that blocks anyone on a single page.

The developer believes that NFTs are an ‘’investment scam’’ and goes on to give the three reasons as to why a user will tend to block the owners. He said that NFTs are scams, they contribute to global warming and finally contribute to art theft in the NFT markets.

Those who dislike NFTs also added by saying:

“In short, NFT users are just irritating to be around. People who bought NFTs have to keep hyping other people to buy NFTs or the NFTs they bought will lose value. Twitter NFT cliques are rife with sockpuppet accounts, dogpiling and indifferentiable monkey clones. Blocking NFT users just makes Twitter nicer.”


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