Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell announces plans to invest in Shiba Inu

Chuck Liddell, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light-heavyweight champion, has announced via Twitter his plan to invest in three popular altcoins including the famous Shiba Inu (SHIB) dog-themed meme coin.

Liddell has been dabbling with crypto assets for a while.

Last week he published a Twitter poll asking the crypto community to participate in the poll by choosing from either SafeMoon ($SAFEMOON), Shiba Inu ($SHIB), or Dogecoin ($DOGE). SafeMoon won the poll with 43.8%, followed by Shiba Inu with 30.6%, and lastly Dogecoin at 25.5% after tallying more than 18000 votes.

After the poll, Liddell on his Twitter account thanked the crypto community for their participation and announced that his decision to invest ‘’money and diversify’’ in the three altcoins will be according to the percentages they received after the votes counts.

Liddell’s decision to invest in crypto was influenced by the way the community participated in the voting process, however, he did not disclose the amount he will be investing.

In November, Liddell announced his developing interest in the crypto assets with a series of tweets asking the community members to help him understand the differences between the two leading dog-themed meme coins $SHIB and $DOGE.

Liddell joins the list of current and former MMA fighters (Eddie Alvarez and Ben Askren), who had joined the crypto assets.


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