No more Windows Updates and security fixes for Windows 10 after October 2025

Microsoft is set to unveil a new operating system in June 24, this year which shall replace the previous Windows 10, which is set to be retired in three years time from now.

Microsoft, via the Windows 10 product lifesycle update page, has indicated that it would stop new security fixes and software updates from 14th October 2025 claiming its successor will mark the “most significant updates” to the operating system (OS) produced by Microsoft.

The announcement comes at a time when the tech company is preparing for a major overhaul of its OS that will take place later this month.


When Microsoft launched Windows 10, it had intended it to be the final version of the Windows Operating system.

Windows 7 was retired in 2020, though companies can still pay to receive Windows updates for their windows 7 enterprise and Windows 7 professional.

When Windows 10 was released in July 2015, it was nicknamed “windows as a service” meaning it would be progressively updated at no extra cost instead of Microsoft having to release a new Windows OS version every few years. But that is set to change come 2025.


The chief executive at the time of Windows 10 launch, Satya Nadella, said it marked a “new era” for personal computing.

Nadella also went ahead to hail some of the OS’s features like the digital personal assistant Cortana that was intended to rival Apple’s Siri although Cortana didn’t take off and was instead retired on mobile Windows OS’s.


Besides Cortana, Windows 10 has had several other mishaps like popular webcams stopping to work just a month after it was launched, and numerous complaints about broken WiFi connections, lost files, and emails not synching among others.

There are still no clues as to what the new OS will be called though most commenters suggest it is most likely that it shall be given a new name rather than Windows 11.