Jeff Bezos to make history as first Space Company founder to fly to space as he flies with his brother on Blue Origin’s first crewed space flight

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who also doubles up as the founder of Blue Origin, a space company based in the USA, said he and his brother will be among the first trio who will be onboard Blue Origin’s first human flight to space that is planned to take place on July 20th this year.


In an Instagram post, Bezos said that he had been wanting to do space flight all his life.

Jeff Bezos net worth

According to Forbes magazine, Bezos is worth approximately $186.2 billion (£131.5billion).

Bezos recently announced that he plans to step down as the Amazon CEO so that he could get enough time to focus on his other ventures.


Blue Origin is auctioning a seat for someone to join Bezos and his brother for the flight

At the time of the announcement that the founder will be part of the first humans to fly onboard the New Shepard, which is Blue Origin’s vehicle, as it was going for $2.8 million and the auction will be closed on June 12th.

The New Shepard is planned to fly its crew to more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) above the earth where they shall experience microgravity. The capsule will then return to the earth and land using parachutes.


Why did Blue Origin choose the name New Shepard for its vehicle?

The vehicle was named after Alan Shepard, the first US citizen to fly to space.


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