Ultimate checklist for planning your wedding – Post Covid 19

With a ‘perfect’ fiancé, nothing should stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. The biggest handle of choosing a soul mate is already passed and for sure you should work to ensure that the day of your union leaves a memorable mark in the hearts and minds of both of you, family, and friends. However, there is a lot that goes into planning a perfect wedding.

The amount of dedication and work that goes into choosing the wedding venue, wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s shoes, cakes, catering services, rings, photographers, flowers, tuxedos, and much much more is staggering and exhausting. But with the right guidance, all these can be a little easier for you. With covid-19, things have become a little different especially in terms of the numbers of attendants.

It would be difficult and also risky to have a large gathering today due to the need for social distance to avoid spreading the disease. Let us hope all will be back to normal soon. But, well, covid-19 does not mean you won’t have your wedding as you imagined it. You only have to reduce on your invited guests. You may want to stream it live for the rest of your friends to follow online. In this checklist, we shall take through a timeline of when various things should be accomplished to ensure that by the time the D-Day arrives, everything is in order.

The checklist for planning your wedding

12 to 10 months before

The key secret of running a perfect wedding preparation is starting as early as possible. With a wide timeframe, you shall be able to accomplish much more compared to working with a short timeline. At this time you should:

  • Scroll through bridal magazines, Instagram, and lifestyle and fashion websites to collect design aspirations.
  • Select the bridal party team
  • Determine the amount of money that you want to spend on the wedding taking into account your contribution and also that of the family and friends.
  • Work on your guest list since these are the people you will most likely use in your planning.
  • Hire a wedding planner if necessary.
  • Book your wedding venue and put down your wedding date.
  • Look for a photographer, videographer, caterer, band, and other vendors whose services you shall require for the wedding.

9 to 7 months before

  • Have your food and drinks menu ready.
  • Purchase the outfits for the wedding day. Purchase the wedding dress, suits, etc. You can leave the wedding gown at this time and collect it two to one months before the wedding day.


  • Make reservations for out-of-town guests in hotel rooms near your wedding venue.
  • If possible make a group on one of the social media outlets for your wedding planning and updates.

6 to 5 months before

  • Confirm with the stationer and calligrapher on the wedding invitations.
  • Negotiate the cost and book the venue for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Taste and order the wedding cake.
  • Schedule for the hair and makeup outfit with your artist.
  • Purchase wedding shoes.
  • Start your wedding fitting with your designer.

4 to 2 months before

  • Select and set your music playlist.
  • Finalize the flowers and menu.
  • Come up with the list of people you should like to give toasts and approach them for the request.
  • Purchase your undergarments.
  • Finalize the order of the reception and ceremony.
  • Print the menu and program cards.
  • Purchase the rings.
  • Ensure every vendor that you have hired gets a copy of the program card.
  • Start sending out wedding invitations

2 to 1 month before

  • Address any questions that you or the involved parties could have.
  • Discuss with the photographer about the shots and their locations.
  • Review the music playlist with the DJ and the band.
  • Contact RSVPs who have not responded.
  • Get your marriage certificate.
  • Visit the designer or tailor for your last outfit.
  • Confirm the timelines of your hair and makeup.
  • Draw the seating arrangement.

1 week before

  • Reconfirm the arrival times with the various vendors you have outsourced.
  • Delegate tasks for the wedding day to various people you trust.
  • Pick up your dress and suit.
  • Supply the photographer and videographer with the list of moments you want to be captured.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Present the caterer with the final guest list.



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