The covid-19 pandemic almost forced the world to a standstill. Companies and businesses had to close for the sake of saving humanity.

Who had ever imagined that an industry like air transport could ever close down? Or even big companies requesting their employees to work from home and some even laying some employees down to circumnavigate the hard economic times?

While employment became a mirage during the pandemic, freelancing saw a boom as people flocked the market looking for clients looking for online freelancers to work from home. While many small businesses were forced to close with some being completely knocked out of the market, freelancing stood the test of time and proved to be a stable source of income to many who lost their jobs during the hard economic times.

Short and Long Term contracts

One of the beauties of freelancing is that freelancers can get short term and long term contracts thus enabling them to plan themselves accordingly.

If a worker is suspended from work by a company where he or she was getting a monthly or weekly salary, with a promise of being called back when things get better, they can always jump into freelancing. They can work on several contracts before being called back. And in most cases, they could end up making more money than they made during their employment.

In freelancing sites like Upwork, and Fiverr, one gan get jobs that are related to any profession. Professionals actually thrive better in freelancing compared to those with no profession. Engineers for example can get huge design contracts. Architects can also get contracts to design houses and so forth.


Opportunities for Permanent positions

With the Work from Home (WFH) initiative that has been largely adopted by most companies, clients are now turning to freelance sites to find qualified freelancers whom they can assign certain tasks.

In platforms like Upwork and Fiverr if a freelancer performs well, the client provides him or her with a permanent remote working position where he or she can get a monthly or weekly income after accomplishing the tasks assigned to him or her within that time.

Some of the most prominent remote working positions that freelancers get include becoming content managers, virtual assistants, website content writers and customer support.


Providing stability and opportunity in a tough market

No other job market has proved stable during such tough economic times like freelancing.

Freelancing sites have had increased job posts since most companies turned to the internet to advertise and sell their products, which forced most to contract online marketer and content writers to write about their products.

And online marketing is here to stay even after Covid-19.

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