Tips on How to Effectively Work From Home

For you to be productive while working from home, you have to plan yourself well. At home, you are free from any supervisors and there is too much freedom, which may result in poor performance if not well managed. Also, there can be a lot of destructors especially if you have pets and babies around who are always seeking your attention.

In this post we shall look at some of the strategies that you should use to be successful when working from home:

  1. Keep your employers’ rules in mind

Although you are working from home, remember you are working for an employer or client and even if they are not physically present to supervise you, they have some set-out rules that you should follow for you to qualify to be compensated/paid.

Some of the key things to keep in mind include the job schedule, job flexibility, internet security, and required tech tools like zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams for Group chats, Trello, Google docs and others.

While working, you should also be careful to note any problems that arise with your employer and work out the best possible solution to avoid losing the pay, job or client.

2. Set up a functional workplace

One outstanding challenge for working from home is that it is hard to get a functional workplace. If you decide to work from the study room, for example, your children will be there requiring your assistance with their homework and you may not work at all. If you choose to use your bedroom, you may find it hard to keep your spouse off in case you are married.

It is always important to separate your work area from your personal space. You could convert one of the rooms in the house into an office where you can take all the equipment you required.


However, if your house is small and you don’t have an extra room, the best thing to do is to be flexible enough to know when you should work from where. For instance, if it is during the weekdays when your kids are at school, you can use the study room.

3. Ensure your internet connection is fast enough

A good internet connection is very vital when working from home. To work from home, you have to effectively communicate with your employer or client without glitches.

You do not want your internet hanging during a video chat with your teammates or a disruption in the internet connection when you are negotiating with a client since he/she could take it as a signal you are not responding and may opt to go for another freelancer.

Also, your internet connection should be secure to ensure the information you share with your clients or employer is secured. Internet security is also paramount since in most cases your payments will also be made using online platforms like PayPal or Payoneer and you do not want anyone hacking your passwords.

4. Avoid being a workaholic. Get some extra social interactions

At times when you need the money and the work is there, it may be hard to keep the balance between when to work and when to rest. You may even find yourself working throughout the night and sometimes even forgetting to eat or attend to some of your other house chores.

Too much solitude can easily make you start feeling claustrophobic, which can greatly reduce your productivity.


To solve that, you should plan yourself well enough to include as much social time as possible. You could chat with friends via WhatsApp or other social media platforms or even give some video calls during breaks to remove the loneliness.

You could also enrol in an exercise class where you can meet some of your peers and get to interact as you work out.


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