How to comfortably earn more than $1000 per month from online jobs

It is possible to earn as much as $1000 or more per month from online jobs. There are thousands if not millions of employers including corporations, organizations, large companies, and businesses looking for employees online and you can be one of those employees.

Here is how to do it:

There are lots of freelancing websites through which you can earn a decent income by offering services using skills that you are best in.

Some of the best freelancing sites that I have worked with include Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal.


In the beginning, the amount of money earned may not be as much because your profile is new and does not have a rich job history that clients can rely on for evaluation. However, once you complete about five jobs and you are rated well by the clients, you can be guaranteed to get more clients or the same clients may keep coming back for more.

Some of the best-selling freelancing skills include:

  • Content writing (articles, reviews, buying guides, how-to guides, analysis, etc.).
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Web design (including web development).
  • Graphic design.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) (including architecture and Engineering)
  • Programming.

In most of the online working platforms, the minimum amount that you can be paid for a project is normally $5 though at times it may require the client to assign you several tasks that amount to the $5.

Therefore, you can choose to set that as your rate when you start to ensure you get an edge over your competitors who may have better accounts (accounts with richer job history on the same platform).

Once your account profile grows (through getting positive reviews from different clients), you can now charge as high as you wish.


Fixed-price contracts/projects

In content writing for example, with a top-rated account in Upwork, for example, or a level 1 and above in Fiverr, you can charge over $3 per 100 words, which translates to $15 per 500-word article. In freelancing, although your earnings are somehow dictated by your rates, it also largely depends on how much work you can do.

To earn $1000 a month working on fixed-priced contracts/projects, for example, it would require you to do about 67 contracts each paying $15. And although that may seem like a high number of contracts to do, remember it is not every time you will be paid $15.

With a good profile, it is most likely you will get some contracts worth over $100, which would mean you only require to do $10 contracts in a month to earn $1000.

Hourly projects/contracts

Better still, some freelancing sites like Upwork and also allow hourly tracking, and most clients either allow freelancers to log in about 30 or more hours per week. If you charge $7 per hour, which is about the same hourly wage in the US, it would mean you would make about $210 in a week (working 30 hours/7 days = 4.3 hours per day).

If you do hourly jobs on the other hand, if you charge $7, you are required to work for about 143 hours in a month to earn $1000. And that translates to working for 143 hours/30 days = 4.77 hours per day. And that leaves you will a lot of time to also do your other chores. Better still, if your profile is good (it has more positive reviews) you can set your hourly to any reasonable figure. And the most common hourly rate among professionals is between $25-50 per hour.



$1000 is a very decent monthly income and most people around the world would die to have such an income. And opening an account with a freelancing site is one of the best ways I have found for one to earn $1000 per month.

Most may argue out that online jobs have a risk of inconsistent work; which is absolutely true especially when starting. However, once your account picks, you can be guaranteed of making even more money than you thought possible.


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